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The simple Economic Truth about Reducing Carbon Emissions

A down-to-earth, well thought-out and knowledgeably written piece on the predicament the world finds itself in and considerations which should be digested.

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Hopefully it is now widely accepted that we must reduce carbon emissions in order to have any chance of stopping the earth continuing to warm up. If we don’t, it is likely that the damage could be irreversible and the future world we live in is a far harsher place than it is now.

How are we going to be doing this in the UK? Heating makes up around a third of emissions; driving cars accounts for another fifth. Heating our homes using natural sources, air or ground source heat pumps; hydrogen boilers; building homes to a better air tightness so they need less energy to heat them; these will all help reduce how much fossil fuels we use in the future.

Having user friendly electric cars to replace the current petrol and diesel versions will also help. However, driving range and re-charging point availability will have to be better…

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