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First drafts – A few pages in the large wilderness of the world of writing


I’m not a poet, and I rarely rhyme but today is different.



A harsh word slipped and fell today

Between two friends

No further words exchanged this day

No way to make amends

I hoped to catch a glance or maybe

The return of a friendly smile

Instead my day empty remained

My evening too, defiled

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7 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Definitely can relate to this, Christopher. Nicely written. If this happened to you in real life, I hope it passes soon.

  2. It is heart touching . It seems this friend of yours means a lot to you. I hope it passes and you two remain friends.

  3. Beawutiful! You might like some of mine here

  4. Beautiful, I mean! LOL!!!

  5. sometimes it happens, if two friends are sincere then the relationship gets back to normal again.

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