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The Road

I wandered listless but restless.

I walked in the shadows, defenceless.

I wandered thinking, without knowing.

My soul in pain, my self-doubt growing.


I lost my way, though the way was marked.

So I waited at the crossroads, wishing I’d asked

What do I do? How? What shall I give?

To find the way home; distant, elusive.

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9 thoughts on “The Road

  1. I like this, Chris, and can relate to every line. Very emotional.

  2. Yes, thanks Maddie.

    I had several, not just that. Also a couple of life-changes which need addressing – they’re all decisions and all involve a crossroad but I thought (whilst writing the second verse) that I’d maybe bring in another aspect.

  3. It is ok but not as good as empty. What was the secret there?

    • Hi Sara,
      Good question, both were spontaneous but I possibly convey worry over a fall-out with a friend better or perhaps more heartfelt than I do other matters, even the crossroads in my life.

      Hope you are well.

      • I like visiting blogs some of the stuff I read is extraordinary sometimes. I read few of your pieces but to be honest they were not special except empty the pain and an instant connection is apparent. This friend of yours has awaken the sleeping artist in you.

      • Thanks for your feedback Sara. Yes, it was a painful day.

  4. its touching. we all have been at that crossroad i guess, esp when we were growing up psychologically or spiritually.

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