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Waiting Room

Waiting room, full again
Doctor’s patients, my patience
Your sickness, my illness
Your prescription, my medication
Your suffering, my pain
Your temperature, my fever
Your bone is broken, my fever hasn’t
Your chest X-Ray, my chest pain
You cough your heart up
Mine’s about to give up
Your cure from a Chemist’s lab
My end on a Mortician’s slab

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3 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. Okay, I dont know who you are..but wow! I felt that. First time that I have felt a poem in such a way. Bravo!

    • Thank you, really, that means such a lot to me, especially given the circumstances. I had a slide on the motorbike and done my leg a little. The doctor told me to wait in the waiting room (kinda obvious I suppose…) for 10 minutes. I had to wait an hour and half and I had this “His patients, my patience” rolling around my head. Out came the notebook and…voilà!

      I really appreciate the fact you took the time to read and for your words. Thank you.

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