My Words, My World

First drafts – A few pages in the large wilderness of the world of writing


This book’s “a real page-turner”
it says so on the back cover.
It’s not though really, is it?
Thinking about it.
It doesn’t turn its pages,
I do.
Pedantic I know.
Maybe I have writer’s envy.
I can’t write a page-turner
I can’t even write a page
Lately I can’t even write
Blocked like a drain;

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7 thoughts on “Page-turner

  1. Ugh. I feel and I suffer the same way. I envy the great, I envy the writers. Haays. Seems like I am not good enough, not good enough for people to read my writings, mediocre enough to be left out in the shadows of the established. 😦
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really like to connect with you.

  2. With Love on said:

    I’m waiting for you to break out 😉

  3. Si, lo sto aspettando anch’io. 😀

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