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The sea’s breath

Yesterday I felt the sea breathing
as I watched the wind-strewn waves;
some breaths shallow, others ocean deep.
I fell into their rhythm
and breathed in the salt spray
and breathed out my soul in return:
sea salt spray for my soul
or what part of it I leave here.

Today I heard the sea choking
it’s breath no longer a rhythm
but a slow death rattle.
I walked in to it, embraced it
but plastic caressed my fingers,
tightened and gripped my hand
and embraced me, as I wanted to embrace the sea.
I pulled, and the plastic relented
the more I pulled, the more it came
but still the sea couldn’t breathe.

Tomorrow the wind will still blow
and the salt will still tang the air
and the waves still sigh upon the shore
and where once the seagulls cried
the only sound will be the empty laughter
of the few that profited from the many
of those who took from the Earth
and spat back its destruction.

Yesterday I felt the sea breathing
and wondered how long it would last.

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7 thoughts on “The sea’s breath

  1. L'Altra Me on said:


  2. Mermaid on said:

    The depth of emotions here!

  3. Hello, Christopher, long-time no hear. Enjoying your posts but had to look for them as they don’t show on my page any more. Hope all is well, take care. Jane x

    • Hello Jane,
      You’re right, it has been a long time. I hope you’re OK.
      I have the same problem with nearly all my followed blogs, I thought it’s maybe because my output in now so low it’s almost an input… It seems I haven’t written anything for an age.
      Enjoy your Sunday,
      Chris x

      • Oh I know the feeling. I went missing for a while too. But I am back in the saddle, for now, and glad you are still around and I shall pop in again to check you are sill with us 🙂

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