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Transient Crap

So here I am in southern Switzerland.  The sun is out, the sky is blue and I’m at home with the flu – yes I know it’s not the Buddy Holly lyric but it’ll do.

Is it an excuse not to write?  No.  It does however make thinking a little harder, rational decision making a little more difficult and something I had in the pipeline may now stay there a few more days as I can’t conclude it.  BUT, it is the reason this new page has appeared on my blog.  Till now, I’ve not used it as a “social” thing, i.e. talking with you, if, of course anyone’s out there.

The books tell us to just get words down on paper, irrespective of grammatical error, spelling mistake or, God  forbid, use passive tense.  Well, in my mini-mire of flu-induced writer’s (HaHa!!) block, I decided my blog needed “Transient Crap” under my home page.  Even if I can’t get down what’s in my head, I can still get down what’s ready to come out of my mouth – very often not the same thing.

With this non-thought, I’ll make myself a cup of tea.


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28 thoughts on “Transient Crap

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve fallen way beneath the weather. Drink that tea, rest, and soon enough you’ll be good as new!

  2. Chris, for some reason just read this…..
    I loved it
    and I happen to be with the flu in sunny south florida with a need to write but with a quite blocked mind
    so maybe nonsense will be the title

    • Hi Loni,
      Ah, a bottle of Malbec will sort you out 🙂
      Thank you, I must admit I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while – I’m sure after my holiday I’ll feel better…
      By the way, A.R.B.O.L. is fantastic, you are one phenomenal artist Loni.

      • Thanks :0)(blush)
        .mmm we became best buddies. w my blog..
        for some reason is already part of me….
        I say what I feel ( w respect of course)….
        paint my moods and share them
        and every crazy different object found is recycled in trans-formation.

      • ahhh malbec required.(yep).. or cabernet sauvignon….
        (wood smell and taste-fav of mine)

      • Hola Loni,
        Como estas hoy? Feeling any better?


      • HI! 😉
        well not too good going to doc now
        Thanks for asking!
        I asked if you were in argentina, cause there’s a place that’s called lugano there….
        I’m from a small town south of buenos aires, but in the USA now
        Do you speak spanish?

      • Glad to hear it.

        Lugano in Switzerland – the wines aren’t so good and the girls are less pretty 🙂

        I’m trying to learn. I speak Italian and there are some similarities. Ibiza next month as well…

        Do you go back to Argentina?

      • LOL, in Lugano Argentina ( mmmm pretty wont be the word jajajaj)
        Yes I can understand a bit of italian if spoken slowly
        Once every 1 or 2 years I go to visit my family and friends
        Where in England were you born?

      • I was born in Tunbridge Wells, an hour from London. No wine there…

        Argentina inspires me but the seasons are upside down and in winter it’s harder to take a long holiday.

        So, are you all born to Tango? 🙂

      • I adore England
        been there a while ago and loved it
        like 4 season, and miss that from argentina
        but happy here in sunny hollywood FL
        no tango
        yes salsa and merengue and wine and asado ( argentinean meet)
        although I eat tons of veggies
        love wine

      • Argentine beef is the best – T bone and Malbec – what a combination.

        I’ll go back to England for a few days in early October to see my family. I’ve been here 11 years but still need to see England every now and again.

        Why Florida?

      • are we doing the old fashion ‘chat’?
        I like that combo…but when you try tira de asado gruesa, or asado al asador, not going back to anything else
        1 year in NY and the rest here, weather ,diverse community and proximity to argentina I guess

      • Absolutely preciosa Loni. I still like writing letters as well, trouble is no-one under 35 knows what they are lol!

        I guess I need further culinary advice then 🙂

      • jajajaajajj
        milanesa napolitana
        parrillada completa
        provoleta provenzal
        and ……try clerico …… My version is with red wine and orange juice or fanta instead of white wine and soda
        I do write letters too ( am I getting old?), but they are special

      • No you’re not old, it’s called appreciation of the written word. There’s something about folding a piece of paper and sticking it in an envelope – that’s my excuse anyway… 🙂

        Over here in Switz. they sometime drink red wine with lemonade…Blluuuuhhh!!!

        Milanesa?? I’ve been trying for … years to understand wrapping stuff in breadcrumbs. Nope, just can’t get it. jajaja!!

      • mmm wine with lemon….I’ll pass.
        I like red wine room temperature 😉
        ok anything; meet ,veggies etc, egg first and breadcrumbs or seasoned flower ( fish sticks or any fillet) and then you bake it or grill it or fry it!
        lol….cooking lesson!
        I took many.
        I love to cook!!!!!
        I still write, the old way
        I still like scotch papers all over the house, i’m 37 turning 38 in a few weeks…so other generation….
        lol!!!! 😉
        young at he(ART) !

      • Buenos dias Amiga,

        Como estas hoy?

        Si, wine and lemon is pretty nasty. I can’t mix wine with anything and red HAS to be served at room temperature, it’s just a shame that here at the moment room temperature is 30 degrees… 

        OK, you give me an Argentinean cooking lesson and I’ll give you an Italian one – I just avoid breadcrumbs, with the possible exception of fried fish.

        You’re catching me up then, in 4 months I’ll be 43 – obviously ONLY if there’s no truth in the Mayan end of the world on 21 December – if it happens then I’ll remain 42 

      • Buenos dias Senor Ingles!
        I’m better, it ended up being a mild pneumonia….
        uffff scary word, but taking antibiotics feeling better by the day
        Hot here, almost the whole year round
        right now 84 f

      • by the way. I know italian food too;)

      • Oh buenas tardes querida amiga!

        I’m happy you’re feeling better, feeling ill in summer seems somehow worse than in winter; I had bronchitis this summer.

        Ok, how about a little English cooking? Probably better to wait cooler weather, a bit like your Locro – not for summer 🙂

        I’ll be in Italy from tonight till Sunday so I won’t have access for a couple of days

      • Guaw enjoy Italy!
        Havent been and I will 😉
        I know a bit of italian food and english definitely open to learn, bring it on!
        have a safe trip

      • 2 hours in the car, nothing excessive. I shall have Ravioli for you 🙂

        Have a fantastic weekend Loni. I’ve enjoyed our chats, I hope they continue.


      • they will! 😉
        I like antipasto and veggies a lot

      • Verdure alla griglia – marvellous!

        I’m more prima than antipasto – bring on the pasta 🙂

        I’ve lost weight I didn’t need to lose this summer so I need to embrace carbs as well

      • i dont want to gain
        so verdure para mi
        and not a big big fan of cold cuts
        well I try to avoid them
        I eat super healthy and work out
        I guess that being an artist and a Reiki healer has embraced even more what I actually did all my life

      • I eat healthy but this summer I’ve lost 6 kilos for various reasons and shouldn’t have. I’m 6’3 so it notices although I feel fine. The mountain bike does wonders.

        At least I don’t suffer from Writer’s Ass 🙂

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