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What’s for dinner? Darned if I know…

Friday morning crisis – friends for dinner tomorrow. He’s a chef, she’s a restaurant manager. Theme? Italian? No, because they are and it would be like trying to show ME how to make a cup of tea (or pour a Weissbier). Mexican? No-one likes it as spicy as I do – I AM the Jalopeno Kid. Indian – way too heavy. Then, an idea…

Greek / Eastern Mediterranean – different, appetizing and good. Trouble is lamb is the staple and in Switzerland (don’t ask me why) finding lamb is like finding a sober judge.

I shall consult the good girlfriend when she wakes up…

It’s Friday, people!!!

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5 thoughts on “What’s for dinner? Darned if I know…

  1. Greek sounds wonderful. Don’t forget to post the follow-up of the final menu and how your guests received the food. 🙂 Have fun!

  2. Slight geographical change; went for an Italian menu instead, due to difficulty locating what was required… 🙂

  3. A bit late I know …. but my husband is a chef and he doesn’t care what he is served, as long as he doesn’t have to cook it!! Hope it went well!

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