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One Lovely Blog Award

Firstly, I want to thank Loni for the nomination – you surprised me there, and although this is belated, again I want to say “Muchas Gracias!!”

For those of you unfamiliar with Loni’s work (and blog), she can be found at – before reading any further please go see – you will NOT be disappointed.

So, after several weeks I’ve finally got round to posting this – busy, busy etc.  So, where next?

Ah, 7 random things about myself…Hmmm…

1) I love reading on the balcony during a storm, however lightning striking the garden opposite is pretty damn hairy.  The cognac WAS for medicinal purposes.

2) I love the sun but don’t like lying in it – is there a happy medium?

3) I like poetry, but don’t understand it.

4) I want to grow chlili plants, but southern Switzerland is not the ideal climate.

5) I want to ride the Pan-American Highway on a BMW GS1200, which would probably mean I’d get lost in the Mendoza region drinking Malbec for ooohhh, several years I guess.

6) I want to write something in Italian – my second language, but can’t…just can’t get it to flow.

7) I live surrounded by mountains, yet my heart lies with the ocean.

Voila! Now I’d like to introduce you to 15, yes 15, blogs which I follow.  In no particular order and for a variety of reasons, I present:

1) Morgen Bailey – a veritable mine of information, and a couple of my Flash pieces to boot.  Always helpful, I am in your debt.  Thanks Morgen.

2) Jason Alan – writer, poet, cow photographer  🙂

3)  Patrick O’ Brien –  you have balls the size of watermelons for your decision. (People, don’t take my word for it, READ this blog).  Sir, take a bow.

4) Sharmishtha – for the input your blogs give me (yes, Trisha has more than 1).

5) Cara Olsen – Your words of encouragement are priceless.  Thank you.  I now know what Dutch-doors are  🙂           (Cara also has several blogs, all merit a click). You are to vocabulary what Emerson, Lake & Palmer are to music.  I, for good or bad, am The Ramones.

6) Stella Marr – For showing the realities of a different life and having the guts to do so.  It’s not so much a lovely blog as a damned hard hitting one.  No roses grow from this bed but I want to nominate it, simple as.

7) Ruth Jacobs – whilst we’re on the subject; a fascinating insight.  Again, not lovely in the flowery sense of the word but the truth, no matter how hard and ugly, will always win through.

8) Cristian Mihai – never dull, always informative.

9) Cheryl Moore – I admit trouble keeping up, but I do try.

10) Max – Dangerous blog, I REALLY should be writing… 🙂

11) Returning to India, Tanushree I must mention.

12) Jennifer Ritchie – Finally a blog from Switzerland and an interesting and helpful one at that.  Must fire a few blog-related questions at you…

13) Lesley Carter – You make me wanna just get up and go.

14) Chicago Addick – Can’t let the opportunity slip to get my football team in somewhere.

15) Jane Wenham-Jones – A star from my part of the world.  Don’t just look, buy!  And no, the wine glass hasn’t been surgically attached…

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11 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Woo hoo! Thank you. And Jane’s on the list too. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you, my friend! I certainly have enjoyed your “lovely” blog on many occasions. You are a writer, even if you don’t quite know it. Do we ever? I’m still trying to convince myself . . .

    “I love the sun but don’t like lying in it – is there a happy medium?” We meet in synch on this one, and yes, there is a happy medium: poolside, beneath an umbrella, no less than 2 miles from the ocean. Doesn’t get any better than that.

    I really do hope you give writing in Italian a go. I bet you would surprise yourself. Maybe start with some of that poetry you like but don’t understand. 😉 Truth be told, I don’t understand half the stuff that floats into my brain an out of my fingertips. At a certain point, though, I just say “the heck with it. I’m going to write it anyway!”

  3. Also — and forgive me the delay — thank you for saying some incredibly kind things about me. My husband saw my face as I was reading your words and asked, “What is it?” I turned the computer screen around and said, “Someone really cool thinks I’m awesome.” LOL.

    All the best to you, Chris! To the Ramones!

    ~ Cara

    • Thanks a million Cara.

      You of all people should need no convincing, you are indeed a writer, to which I can only aspire – I’m positive your husband will agree. Our tastes probably differ but the quality of your work stands out a mile. I just wish for more time to read but I guess that’s what the long winter will be for 🙂

      I’m currently at a little creative low but I’m sure my holiday in a few weeks will recharge the batteries after a fairly hectic year – house moves are always unsettling.

      All the best to you (both) and your work.

      Chris Ramone 🙂

  4. Great work!
    Sad that chilli plants don’t grow in Switzerland for us – I also planted seeds this year, but to no avail ….. ;-(
    And although we are surrounded by mountains, just knowing that the mesmerizing Italian coastline is just a few hours away helps me in my eternal struggle (just a shame I don’t visit it that often!).
    But the great thing about these blog awards is discovering so many more amazing blogs too — > a great list, and thank you for the lovely compliment.
    Cheers, Jen

  5. Thank you for nominating me!
    yes do visit India again, you fall in love with this place again!

  6. Well, thank you very kindly for the nomination Chris, and in turn your blog is one lovely piece of work as well. I would like to reassure your readers however that Antiview is perfectly safe (aside from the small risk of talking in negatively-framed sentences for the rest of your life).

  7. honoured and humbled . . . thank you.

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