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One Lovely Blog Award

Firstly, I want to thank Loni for the nomination – you surprised me there, and although this is belated, again I want to say “Muchas Gracias!!”

For those of you unfamiliar with Loni’s work (and blog), she can be found at – before reading any further please go see – you will NOT be disappointed.

So, after several weeks I’ve finally got round to posting this – busy, busy etc.  So, where next?

Ah, 7 random things about myself…Hmmm…

1) I love reading on the balcony during a storm, however lightning striking the garden opposite is pretty damn hairy.  The cognac WAS for medicinal purposes.

2) I love the sun but don’t like lying in it – is there a happy medium?

3) I like poetry, but don’t understand it.

4) I want to grow chlili plants, but southern Switzerland is not the ideal climate.

5) I want to ride the Pan-American Highway on a BMW GS1200, which would probably mean I’d get lost in the Mendoza region drinking Malbec for ooohhh, several years I guess.

6) I want to write something in Italian – my second language, but can’t…just can’t get it to flow.

7) I live surrounded by mountains, yet my heart lies with the ocean.

Voila! Now I’d like to introduce you to 15, yes 15, blogs which I follow.  In no particular order and for a variety of reasons, I present:

1) Morgen Bailey – a veritable mine of information, and a couple of my Flash pieces to boot.  Always helpful, I am in your debt.  Thanks Morgen.

2) Jason Alan – writer, poet, cow photographer  🙂

3)  Patrick O’ Brien –  you have balls the size of watermelons for your decision. (People, don’t take my word for it, READ this blog).  Sir, take a bow.

4) Sharmishtha – for the input your blogs give me (yes, Trisha has more than 1).

5) Cara Olsen – Your words of encouragement are priceless.  Thank you.  I now know what Dutch-doors are  🙂           (Cara also has several blogs, all merit a click). You are to vocabulary what Emerson, Lake & Palmer are to music.  I, for good or bad, am The Ramones.

6) Stella Marr – For showing the realities of a different life and having the guts to do so.  It’s not so much a lovely blog as a damned hard hitting one.  No roses grow from this bed but I want to nominate it, simple as.

7) Ruth Jacobs – whilst we’re on the subject; a fascinating insight.  Again, not lovely in the flowery sense of the word but the truth, no matter how hard and ugly, will always win through.

8) Cristian Mihai – never dull, always informative.

9) Cheryl Moore – I admit trouble keeping up, but I do try.

10) Max – Dangerous blog, I REALLY should be writing… 🙂

11) Returning to India, Tanushree I must mention.

12) Jennifer Ritchie – Finally a blog from Switzerland and an interesting and helpful one at that.  Must fire a few blog-related questions at you…

13) Lesley Carter – You make me wanna just get up and go.

14) Chicago Addick – Can’t let the opportunity slip to get my football team in somewhere.

15) Jane Wenham-Jones – A star from my part of the world.  Don’t just look, buy!  And no, the wine glass hasn’t been surgically attached…

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